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WASHINGTON, D.C. –- U.S. Senator Mark R. Warner released this statement following today’s 53-46 vote rejecting a bipartisan commission that would have made recommendations to Congress on federal budget and entitlement reforms.

Under the legislation, the commission’s recommendations would have been presented to Congress for a single “yes” or “no” vote, with no amendments allowed. Senator Warner was a co-sponsor of the measure:

“I am disappointed that the Senate today rejected a responsible proposal that would have established a bipartisan task force to recommend specific steps to address the federal budget deficit. No one party can or will make the hard choices on its own to get federal spending and deficits under control, and this bipartisan proposal recognized that both parties must be invested in the outcome and committed to its success.”


Here's a Bipartisan Solution
On January 19, Senator Warner wrote an op-ed in the Richmond Times-Dispatch about his support for bipartisan legislation that would create a task force to tackle meaningful federal budget and spending reforms.