My office will make every effort to assist Virginians with specific concerns involving a federal agency such as: Social Security, Medicare, veterans or military affairs, federal taxes, federal retirement/annuity benefits, passports, or immigration issues.

My office must first have a request in writing before we can take action on your behalf. Your signature needs to be included. Please have available copies of all correspondence you have received from the federal agency involved.

As quickly as we receive your request, we will acknowledge receipt of your information. The Privacy Act of 1974 requires written permission before a congressional office may make certain inquiries to a federal agency on your behalf. My staff will review your request and inform you if such a release is required.

To initiate a request, please fill our online form below.

Important to Note

  • As your United States Senator, my jurisdiction is primarily over federal matters.  I am unable to intervene in state or local government issues as well as court cases/civil disputes.
  • Additionally my staff cannot provide legal advice or act as an advocate in legal matters.
  • If your problem involves an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia, I encourage you to make an inquiry with the Governor of Virginia ( or your member of the Virginia General Assembly (
  • In the event of an emergency (any issue that is urgent, or extremely time sensitive), please call my office at 540-857-2676.

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Please CLICK HERE to download a copy of the Privacy Release.