Senator Warner is committed to strengthening our national security both at home and abroad, and he believes a strong and engaged United States is fundamental to securing our national interests around the world. As the Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Senator Warner is responsible for providing oversight of all U.S. intelligence agencies, and he deeply appreciates the work our intelligence professionals do quietly every day to keep our country safe.

Virginia is also synonymous with defense. It is home to the seat of defense leadership—the Pentagon—to the largest naval station in the world—Naval Station Norfolk—and to our nation’s only aircraft carrier builder. The Commonwealth also has military bases for every military service—Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps and has the largest concentration of active and reserve Coast Guard personnel and the largest defense civilian population in the country. The armed forces of the United States are the strongest and most capable in the history of the world, and Senator Warner represents a state unrivaled in its contribution to the military mission. He is committed to ensuring that our military has the tools and support it needs to defend our country against 21st century threats. 

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