Senator Warner has been a leader in Congress in working for improved government efficiency and fiscal accountability. As a member of the Budget Committee, Senator Warner created and chaired the Government Performance Task Force. Senator Warner helped lead the Government Performance and Results Act Modernization in 2010, which among other things required OMB to identify outdated or duplicative reports wasting agency resources and ready for elimination. In his work to eliminate government waste, he also worked on legislation with Senator Paul to reward federal employees who identify and report wasteful end of year spending. He also was the lead Senate architect of the DATA Act, legislation enacted into law in 2014 which makes federal spending information more transparent and accessible. In 2011, Senator Warner co-founded the Senate’s bipartisan Gang of Six, which met for close to a year in an effort to begin solving the nation’s debt and deficit challenges. In Senator Warner’s view, government performance and fiscal responsibility are not Democratic or Republican issues: they represent opportunities to take a data-driven approach to best serve taxpayers.

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