Press Releases

WASHINGTON -- Today, Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-VA) released the following statement regarding S.446, legislation that would override states' concealed carry gun permitting laws:

"In recent years, I have heard from more and more victims of gun violence and their families in Virginia who are concerned about further weakening our gun laws. In the four years since the Senate’s last significant gun safety debate, the country has suffered over 100 mass shootings and tens of thousands of Americans are killed through gun violence each year.

"With the tragic rate of gun violence today, I simply cannot support efforts ‎to further weaken our nation’s gun laws. That includes renewed efforts this Congress to relax the standards for issuing concealed carry permits or to establish a national system that would further erode state-level concealed carry standards.

"Virginia has determined what it deems to be appropriate concealed carry permitting standards, but neither the Commonwealth nor any other state should be subject to national laws that would override those standards and result in a race to the bottom.

"I’m a proud supporter of second amendment rights and will always advocate for responsible gun ownership for hunting, recreation and self-defense.

"But enough is enough. This tragic violence has to end. Knowing what I know today, if and when S. 446 comes before the Senate for a vote, I will oppose it in the interest of the safety of all Virginians."