Thank the Navy SEALs

Sen Mark Warner: Thank the Navy SEALs


I want to take a quick moment to tell you about something special.

The overwhelming surge in gratitude for our military men and women following the successful covert operation that targeted Osama bin Laden has been great to see.

And, since the warriors in the Navy SEALs obviously cannot be celebrated in a public way, I decided to set up
a comment page on my Senate website that allows Virginians to express their pride and respect in the bravery of our Virginia-based Navy commandos. I will deliver all of these comments to Navy SEAL commanders.

So far
the comments have been pouring in by the hundreds, and I think you will agree that many of the messages are both powerful and moving.

I wanted to share the weblink with you, and ask if you would share it with your friends and colleagues in the veterans community.

Thank you for your time, and thank you once again for your service to our nation.

Mark R. Warner

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