Press Releases

WASHINGTON – Today, U.S. Sens. Mark R. Warner and Tim Kaine (both D-VA) praised an announcement by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that it will extend the re-registration period for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for migrants from countries including El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Sudan. The announcement follows a Warner-led letter to advocate for TPS for migrants from Sudan and a Kaine-led letter to advocate for TPS for migrants from El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. This move will extend the amount of time allotted for TPS recipients to re-register for the program and its benefits from 60-days to the full 18-month validity period for each country with a TPS designation.

“We are very encouraged by DHS’ move to extend the re-registration period for those needing to renew their TPS status. Virginia is home to tens of thousands of TPS recipients who play essential roles in their communities and serve as a key part of our economy. This needed extension will provide these individuals – who are unable to safely return to their countries of origin due to extreme circumstances – with the additional time they need to carefully navigate the re-registration process and ensure that they can retain their lawful status, continue to work legally, and avoid deportation,” said the senators.  

Established by the U.S. Congress through the Immigration Act of 1990, TPS is a temporary, renewable program that provides relief from deportation and access to a work permit for foreign nationals from certain countries who are unable to return safely to their home country due to natural disasters, armed conflicts, or other extraordinary conditions.

Under this extension, the TPS re-registration periods are as follows:

  • El Salvador: July 12, 2023, through March 9, 2025
  • Honduras: November 6, 2023, through July 5, 2025
  • Nepal: October 24, 2023, through June 24, 2025
  • Nicaragua: November 6, 2023, through July 5, 2025
  • Sudan: August 21, 2023, through April 19, 2025
  • Haiti: January 26, 2023, through August 3, 2024