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“Many Virginians are upset about the troubled rollout and other early challenges with the Affordable Care Act. I’m upset, too.

I think the Administration has taken a good first step to try to help those Virginians who have had their existing coverage substantially changed or cancelled. I have contacted Virginia’s insurance commissioner to encourage her to support this transitional coverage. I also am reviewing other legislative proposals that would address many of these issues.

I have said from the beginning that the Affordable Care Act was not perfect, and would require Congress to make certain corrections and improvements as we moved forward. That’s what Congress has always done after adopting significant legislation. However, it also requires a willingness for all sides to work together to try to solve problems, and it is unfortunate that we have not seen that willingness so far.

We cannot go back to the way it was before: The Affordable Care Act means you now can get coverage even if you have a preexisting condition – it means insurers cannot charge you double if you're a woman – and there’s now coverage for free preventive health services that are essential to long-term health."

Sen. Mark Warner Letter to Sec Sebelius Re Direct Enrollment in ACA 11 25 13

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