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Today, Senator Warner skyped into a Longwood University English class to talk with students from all across the Commonwealth.

The President of Longwood University introduced the Senator to the class, remarking, “I’m guessing you’re happy to be in DC now instead of Governor having to clear snow!”

“Taylor, there is not a moment that I would say that. At least if I cleared snow I knew I could get some immediate results instead of this gridlock we have here in Washington,” Senator Warner said.

The topic of the class was “What it means to be citizen leader.” But, before taking questions from students, Senator Warner asked if it was alright if he paused to snap a picture of the students conferencing with him. The students laughed as the Senator admitted he was not as technologically adept as one would expect a co-founder of Nextel to be.

Students asked a range of questions including what the Senator’s most instructive experiences were in his life and what he did to prepare himself for the working world as a college student.

“The best experience and preparation someone can have is failure. I have failed at nearly everything I’ve done at least once. I failed at the first two businesses I tried to start, then I failed in the first election I ran against my now-friend former Sen. John Warner. I hope as young people you take some risks that can ultimately make you a stronger, better person,” said Sen. Warner. “ Until you’ve lost, you haven’t stretched enough.”