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Senator Warner met today in Norfolk with about three-dozen military families, top Navy brass and the company hired to manage off-base Navy housing to sort-out complaints about leaky roofs, windows, mold and rats.

"This is no way to treat a Navy family," Senator Warner said today after a round table discussion with the Navy families. "This is no way to treat any family."

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Staff in our Norfolk office recently became aware of issues with Lincoln Military Housing, which has a contract with the Department of Defense to provide 4,380 military rental units in Hampton Roads. Parents and children say they've become sick due to exposure to mold in their housing units, with some developing serious chronic health problems.

Many families say they took their complaints to Lincoln and the Navy on multiple occasions, with no response. Some families provided photographs that revealing widespread leaks and mold issues behind the walls of their apartments.

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Navy brass and Lincoln executives promised to improve their responsiveness and repair services to the military families, but Senator Warner demanded a more timely response.

"I want to see this fixed next week," Senator Warner said, "or I will do everything within my power to make sure this contract is not renewed."