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This morning Senator Warner met with 9-year-old Katie Helen of Daleville, VA, pictured here with her service dog, Lily. Katie was diagnosed with insulin dependent Type 1 diabetes at the age of 3. Lily helps Katie and her mom, Kathy, manage the fluctuation in Katie’s glucose levels.

Katie Helen & her dog, Lily, with Sen. Warner

Katie, Kathy, Lily and others from all over the Commonwealth met with Senator Warner and staff today to talk about the importance of the Special Diabetes Program (SDP), a program that’s very important to the Senator and his family. One of Senator Warner’s three daughters also suffers from Type 1 diabetes, and he continues to fight for funding and support for diabetes research side by side with other families affected by diabetes.

As a long-time supporter of SDP, Senator Warner is particularly encouraged by the innovative research being done in the Commonwealth. UVA’s Center for Diabetes Technology has one of the only outpatient test-sites in the country for the portable artificial pancreas.  UVA researchers have co-authored a study on making the “artificial pancreas” mobile by providing nearly continuous, closed-loop, outpatient control of blood sugar. This is just one example of how Virginia is leading the nation in diabetes research.

Senator Warner hopes that with continued support and research, we can help families in Virginia and across the nation become better equipped to manage diabetes.