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Senator Mark Warner organized a roundtable in Hampton Roads this past Friday where he discussed the future of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and the possible economic benefits for manufacturing in the Hampton Roads. The Senator was joined by a bipartisan group of legislators including Congressman Bobby Scott (D-VA-3), and Virginia Senator Frank Wagner (R- 7).

“We need to recognize this is a chance for Virginia to be at the cutting edge of a huge new industry,” Senator Warner said. “It’s not only about where these vehicles are going to fly, but it’s also going to be about where they are designed and built.”

The Senator asked participants to work on coordinating civilian and defense partners in developing a strategic plan, identifying short term challenges and well as how to leverage opportunities in the UAS arena. “My office stands ready to help where we can,” said Senator Warner.

Senator Warner also held a town hall meeting with Williamsburg community leaders. Among the topics discussed were tourism projects, ongoing legislation and creating jobs in Virginia, especially in manufacturing.

"America has increased its productivity so much, and China has polluted itself so much, American manufacturing is competitive again," Senator Warner said. "We have state and local incentives for business, but no federal incentives. I'd like to see a small federal tax incentive for every manufacturing job returned from overseas," he said referring to his America Recruits legislation. 

The senator wrapped up the day (and the trip) by speaking at the Navy League of Hampton Roads annual dinner.