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Sens. Warner, Cornyn Bipartisan Resolution Passes, Designating U.S.-India Partnership Day

~ Coincides with Prime Minister Modi’s visit to White House ~

Sep 19 2014

WASHINGTON – A resolution introduced by U.S. Sens. Mark R. Warner (D-VA) and John Cornyn (R-TX) that designates Sept. 30, 2014 as U.S.-India Partnership Day passed the Senate yesterday on a unanimous vote. U.S.-India Partnership Day coincides with Indian Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the White House, highlighting the bilateral commitment to furthering the U.S.-India relationship. Sens. Warner and Cornyn  serve as co-chairs of the U.S. Senate’s bipartisan India Caucus.

The resolution emphasizes the mutual benefits of a thriving U.S-India partnership, stressing the importance of increasing collaboration in order to promote stability, democracy, and economic prosperity in the 21st century.

“I am proud to sponsor this resolution celebrating the partnership between the U.S. and India. We have already seen progress in the relationship in the first 100 days of Prime Minister Modi’s administration, and I believe there is an opportunity to continue making progress that will benefit both of our countries,” said Sen. Warner,  who published a “First 100-Days” plan that outlined twelve recommendations for action, seven of which have already been adopted by both governments. “From energy, to defense, to counterterrorism, to trade, the United States and India have many overlapping national interests. As our trade relationship continues to grow, increasing export opportunities to India will create more jobs for Americans back here at home.”

“As the world’s two largest democracies, the U.S.-India relationship remains one of the most important partnerships in the world.  We warmly welcome Prime Minister Modi to the United States and are hopeful we can work together to grow our relationship and identify areas we can strengthen in the years to come. As the co-founder and co-chair of the Senate India Caucus, I look forward to continuing to help the U.S.-India partnership reach its full potential,” said Sen. Cornyn.

The resolution is available here

"I support the effort to degrade and defeat the terrorist organization ISIL, which poses a clear threat to U.S. interests. The Administration should continue to keep the American people informed, and consult regularly with their elected representatives in Congress. It is appropriate for America to be involved in this coalition effort with other nations in the civilized world, and this coalition should also include Arab and Muslim nations. As a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, I look forward to reviewing more details of the President's strategy. Our thoughts and prayers are with our servicemen and women in harm's way."

Virginia Interfaith Leaders Urge More Coordinated Action on Kidnapping of Nigerian Girls

~ In joint letter, interfaith leaders condemn distortion of religion to oppress girls seeking education ~

May 12 2014

More than 80 Virginia religious leaders representing nearly every faith and denomination have signed a joint letter to world leaders, urging them to take more coordinated action to return more than 220 Nigerian girls who were kidnapped from their school by the terrorist group Boko Haram.

U.S. Sens. Warner & Hoeven Write President Obama, Urge Raising Energy Security Issues at Next Week's EU Summit

~ Also recommend expedited review of U.S. natural gas export applications ~

Mar 21 2014

Sens. Warner and Hoeven (R-ND) today urged President Obama to use next week’s U.S.-European Union summit in Brussels to propose a joint U.S.-E.U. initiative on energy security to counter Russian President Vladimir Putin’s energy influence on Ukraine and other European nations.

Sen Warner: "Dramatic Transformation" & "Serious Challenges" Evident During Middle East Visit

~ Intelligence Committee delegation visits Israel, Egypt, Djibouti ~

May 30 2012

Senator Warner, a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, told Virginia reporters during a conference call on Wednesday that his Memorial Day recess travels to the Middle East have revealed both “dramatic transformation” and “serious challenges ” for the region.

Sen. Warner pushes 'onshoring' of jobs, investment during trip to India

~ As White House Hosts ‘Insourcing American Jobs’ Forum, Warner Promotes CEOs in India ~

Jan 11 2012

Senator Warner, the leader of a five-member congressional delegation currently visiting India, is promoting bipartisan legislation that encourages Indian companies to create new manufacturing jobs here in America. Senator Warner discussed his America Recruits Act onshoring proposal in meetings with India’s Finance Minister and other government officials in New Dehli on Monday.

Sen. Warner, VA community colleges announce consulting agreement in India

~ Va. college foundation to consult with non-profit on skills-based training ~

Jan 10 2012

Senator Warner today announced a consulting agreement between the Virginia Foundation for Community Colleges Education and the India-based Wadhwani Foundation to promote skills-based education in India. The memorandum was signed by Dr. Ajay Kela, President and CEO of Wadhwani Foundation, and Dr. Glenn DuBois, Chancellor of Virginia’s Community College System.

Warner visits Virginia Troops in Iraq on Memorial Day Weekend

~ Meets with Iraqi Prime Minister, U.S Ambassador, top generals ~

May 25 2009

Washington, DC – U.S. Senator Mark R. Warner traveled to Baghdad on Memorial Day weekend to visit with military men and women from Virginia and to receive briefings from the Iraqi Prime Minister, the U.S Ambassador, and top U.S. military commanders in Iraq. Senator Warner is part of a Congressional delegation that includes Sens. Patrick Leahy (Vermont) and Sheldon Whitehouse (Rhode Island).