Tips for Contacting Federal Agencies

Here are some tips for contacting federal agencies:

Department of Veteran Affairs

In order for our office to contact a VA Regional office regarding benefits, the veteran must already have an active claim pending at the VARO. If you have not yet filed a claim, you can contact the VA directly for information on how to do so.

A request to expedite claims for benefits will be considered only when there is proof of an immediate medical emergency or imminent loss of a veteran's home.

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Internal Revenue Service

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has quite specific guidelines in working with a constituent. Any request for assistance must include your signature, social security number, the type of filing and tax years for which you have a concern. The IRS cannot speak to the office about your case without the signed Privacy Act Release form returned to our office.

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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has criteria for the consideration of an expedite request. Such requests are granted at the sole discretion of the Center Director. The criteria are cases of an extreme emergency or humanitarian situation (a matter of life or death), matters of national interest, Service error, severe financial loss to a company or individual, or the compelling interest of USCIS.

Questions about forms, case status and scheduling an appointment are available at Information on FBI name checks is also available at USCIS is unable to provide an estimate of how much more time may be required to complete the processing of a name check.

All case specific inquiries to our office involving USCIS require an alien number, date of birth, and signature as well as a USCIS case number (if applicable).

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Department of Defense

The Department of Defense (DOD) and all branches of the military require a signed authorization from the service member in order to release information regarding his/her case. Please include a signature with your request for casework assistance.

We are unable to intervene in personnel and military policy matters within the military chain of command. DOD cannot speak to our office about your case without the signed Privacy Act Release form returned to our office.

If you are seeking assistance in obtaining copies of military records, discharge papers, etc., please complete and return the appropriate form with your letter to Senator Warner..

NARA Form 180 - To obtain copies of DD 214 and other military records.

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Social Security Administration

Please be as clear as possible when outlining your concerns with Social Security Administration (SSA). The agency will only be able to address your concerns as you have outlined them to me in your letter.

All requests for assistance must include the person's name, contact information, signature and Social Security number.


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Department of State

You will find passport applications online at Should you require assistance with a passport, please contact our office at 703-442-0670.

Administrative reviews of certain visa applications undergo a required vetting process by security and law enforcement agencies. The State Department is unable to provide an estimate of how much time may be required to complete this processing as these reviews are done by several agencies. When requesting assistance, be sure to include an alien number when applicable.

Should you have a request for assistance with nonimmigrant visa denials, please review the information at No decision made by a consul officer can be overturned. Your family or friends outside the United States should be prepared to make a new application with additional proof of their compelling ties to their home country.

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