Infrastructure Law Grants

  • Description: In addition to formula grants to States, PROTECT will provide $1.4 billion in competitive grants to eligible entities to increase the resilience of our transportation system. PROTECT Grants will support planning, resilience improvements, community resilience and evacuation routes, and at-risk coastal infrastructure.
  • Eligible Applicants: State or political subdivision of a state; metropolitan planning organization; unit of local government; special purpose district or public authority with a transportation function, including a port authority; Indian tribe; federal land management agency that applies jointly with a state or group of states; multi-state or multijurisdictional group of public entities. In order to receive an “At-risk Coastal Infrastructure Grant” within the PROTECT program, the applicant must also border the Atlantic, Pacific, or Arctic Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, Long Island Sound, or one or more of the Great Lakes.
  • Application DeadlineTBD
  • Apply or Learn More: TBD