Infrastructure Law Grants

  • Description: IIJA increases investment in America’s coastal ports and inland waterways, helping to improve the supply chain and enhancing the resilience of our shipping industry. IIJA overall doubles the level of investment in port infrastructure and waterways, helping strengthen our supply chain and reduce pollution. The Port Infrastructure Development Program (PIDP) is a discretionary grant program administered by the U.S. Maritime Administration. Funds for the PIDP are awarded on a competitive basis to projects that improve the safety, efficiency, or reliability of the movement of goods into, out of, around, or within a port. 
  • Eligible Applicants: State, political subdivision of a State or a local government; public agency or publicly chartered authority established by 1 or more states; special purpose district with a transportation function; Federally recognized Indian Tribes or a consortium of Indian Tribes; a multistate or multijurisdictional group of entities that are separately eligible; One of the aforementioned entities jointly with a private entity or group of private entities, including the owners or operators of a facility, or collection of facilities at a port.
  • Application DeadlineMay 16, 2022
  • Apply or Learn More:To apply for funding or to learn more about the program, CLICK HERE.