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Senator Warner has launched a contest to pick a cover photo of Virginia for his Facebook page by asking for submissions from his more than 16,500 followers. Facebook, the popular social media tool, will be transitioning all pages to their new Timeline format on Friday, March 30. As part of the new format, all pages must include a large “cover photo.”

Wall Street Journal: A Bipartisan Plan for Job Creation


Feb 07 2012

In his State of the Union Address, President Obama called on Congress to pass an agenda that helps start-ups and small businesses succeed. We have already introduced a plan that shares his goals. It's called the Startup Act. Research conducted by the Kauffman Foundation and others has consistently shown that companies less than five years old accounted for nearly all net job creation in our economy over the past three decades.
Backlogs and delays continue to plague the federal government's pension system. Retirees wait an average of five months to receive their first full pension check -- but delays of a year or more are common. The Office of Personnel Management says it has plan to hire more people to process a backlog of 64,000 paper records, but it could take 18 months or more to solve the problem.