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Senator Warner shared his observations from yesterday's Inauguration ceremony as well as video he took from the Inaugural platform on the Blue Commonwealth Blog.  Here is what he wrote:

I had the honor and the privilege of sitting on the podium during yesterday’s historic inauguration. It was a great vantage point to watch an exciting moment in our nation’s history.

I was struck by the feelings of pride and promise reflected on the faces of so many Americans gathered on The National Mall to watch it.

I wanted to share some video I took from the podium using my Flip video camera. You’ll be able to see the historic moment, as well as the incredible crowd that witnessed it.

This is a time to celebrate how far we’ve come together as a nation. But now that the parties are over, it’s time to tackle the hard work of creating jobs, strengthening our economy, and getting this country back on the right track.

I’m eager to get to work.