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Today Sen. Warner flew down to Southside Virginia to make stops in South Boston and Danville, where he met with constituents, toured local industry, and spoke about his work in Congress to promote small and startup businesses.

Sen. Warner’s first stop was at South Boston’s ABB Robotics, a fixture in the region since 1968 that produces cutting-edge liquid-cooled power transformers used by utilities and industries across the world.  Sen. Warner toured the facility before holding a town hall discussion with more than 100 employees about how to keep and create jobs in Southside.   

ABB Robotics

“You all at ABB understand more than anyone that this is a global economy,” said Sen. Warner. “We’ve got to work on making Virginia and Southside more competitive so we can keep attracting companies like ABB.”

Next Sen. Warner drove to Danville to speak at the opening of The Launch Place, a new center for entrepreneurial development in the region.  But on the way, he had his stuff make an impromptu stop.

At The Launch Place Sen. Warner talked his work in Congress to promote the kind of entrepreneurship that could bring jobs to places like Danville.

Launch Place Danville

“This is such a great project and it’s going to be an outstanding resource for the region,” he told attendees.  “Startup companies really drive our economy and this is going to help Southside take off.”