Press Releases

Warner, Kaine Announce More Than $1.1 Million to Support Forensic Science Research at VCU & GMU

DOJ grants will support research to improve forensic science practices used in sexual assault and domestic violence cases

Sep 14 2016

Sens. Warner and Kaine announced that VCU & GMU will receive a total of $1,125,897 to support research that will improve the forensic science testing and equipment used in domestic violence and sexual assault cases.

Sens. Warner, Kaine Announce $1.7 Million for Innovative Technology in Emergency Response & Disaster Recovery

$900,000 grant will help advance the use of unmanned systems to assess environmental hazards for emergency responders, $876,000 grant will support effort to restore power and transportation grid following a disaster

Aug 11 2016

Sens. Warner and Kaine announced that Virginia Tech has been awarded more than $1.7 million from NSF to research the use of unmanned aerial and surface vehicles and develop an approach for emergency response and disaster recovery.

Sens. Warner & Schumer Call on FTC to Protect Consumers from Digital Ad Fraud

Researchers have found that a substantial percentage of ad-clicks on major advertising platforms are executed by bots, not human beings

Jul 11 2016

In a letter to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chairwoman Edith Ramirez, the Senators – both members of the Senate Banking Committee – pointed to studies that have found rampant fraud in the $60 billion digital ad market.

Sen. Warner Calls on FTC to Protect Children's Data Security with Internet-Connected "Smart Toys"

Researchers identify security vulnerabilities in internet-enabled toys like dolls that can expose the personal information of children and their parents

Jul 06 2016

Sen. Warner urged the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to work with Congress to strengthen efforts to protect children’s personal information given the increase in apps and Internet-connected “smart toys.”

Legislation to Encourage Greater Innovation in DoD Cyber Procurement Included in 2017 Defense Bill

Armed Services Committee adopted an amendment to reform DoD buying to maximize performance and long-term value for the taxpayer

May 13 2016

The Senate Armed Services Committee has adopted language introduced by Sen. Warner in the FY17 National Defense Authorization Act to ensure that DoD seeks the best long-term value for the taxpayers during the procurement process for complex information technology and engineering services.

Warner, McCaul Lead Bipartisan Coalition to Establish National Commission on Digital Security

Will bring together tech, intel, law enforcement, global commerce and privacy experts to make recommendations to protect privacy and public safety; proposal has support from a broad range of stakeholders

Feb 29 2016

U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-VA), a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) led a bipartisan group of colleagues in the Senate and House today in introducing legislation to establish an independent National Commission on Security and Technology Challenges.

Warner Urges DoL to Consider Growth of On-Demand Economy in Updating Contingent Worker Survey

Pushes for better data collection on scope and characteristics of on-demand workforce as part of May 2017 contingent worker survey

Feb 02 2016

Sen. Warner, who previously applauded last Monday’s announcement by DoL, has spent the last year urging for the collection of better, more accurate data about who and how workers are participating in the on-demand or “gig” economy.