Press Releases

WASHINGTON— U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-VA), Vice Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and a member of the Senate Banking Committee, released a statement after the Administration announced additional sanctions on Iran for its ballistic missile test:

“Iran’s ballistic missile test on Sunday was provocative, violating the spirit, and possibly the letter, of the United Nations Security Council Resolution on Iran’s missile program. These actions destabilize the entire region, and it is appropriate for the Administration to lead a multilateral effort to address the behavior. What I said when we signed the Iran nuclear deal in 2015 still holds today – the deal was not a cure for the entire scope of Iran’s bad behavior.

“The sanctions announced today help ensure Iran pays a price for their continued belligerence, but it’s imperative that the Administration develop and communicate with Congress a broader, well-informed strategy for dealing with Iranian misbehavior that is coordinated in partnership with our allies. Iran continues to jeopardize stability through its testing of ballistic missiles and support of extremist groups. I urge the Administration to bring clarity to their overall strategy towards Iran, and to refrain from ambiguous rhetoric – or provocative tweets – that will exacerbate efforts to confront those challenges.”